Year 6


Class 6B

Teacher: Mrs Brettle and Mrs Woodward

TA: Mrs Harper

Cast your mind to a time of struggle and strife, where England was being invaded by the vicious, almighty Viking warriors, after already experiencing the attack of the Saxons. Journey across the North Sea from Scandinavia in your Viking Longboat; armed with your faithful sword and shield to face the bloody battlefield of Hastings. Along the way, you will be meeting an almighty beast, who is there to terrorise your land. Could you be the almighty warrior to defeat the marauding monster and bring your land back to the salvation that it desires? If you are up for this challenge, you will have the opportunity to apply for a position on this perilous quest and ensure that the percentage of fatalities is kept to a minimum and the perimeters are safe from any other foe. Together we will identify what life was like for ancestors, explore our position in the world and seek answers to where we came from.

So join us on our journey through time to an age of change in Britain.

Please click on the link to see what we are learning this year: Y6 curriculum overview 2017-2018

Please click on the link to see what we are learning this term: Y6 Curriculum letter Spring 1

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In Year 6 children take part in SATs.  Please click on the links to find out more to help support your child.

Watch the film to inform you about Key Stage 2 tests

Click on the picture to take you to a leaflet about KS2 SATs.







PE: this term is on a Monday afternoon. Please make sure that your PE kit is in school for this day and all jewellery is removed!

Homework : It is the child’s responsibility to ensure their homework is completed and handed in on time.

Important dates:

  • Thursday 28th September:  Saltmine Theatre visit
  • Thursday 19th October:  Road Safety Talk
  • Monday 6th November:  Visit to Birmingham Synagogue to link to RE learning about Judaism
  • Friday 10th November: Visit to Weston Park to support history learning about WW2
  • Tuesday 14th November:  Class museum to introduce to parents displays children have created.
  • Tuesday 16th January: First Aid training from Red Cross
  • Friday 26th January: Young Voices
  • Tuesday 6th February: Viking Day


year 5 and 6 spelling word mat

Year 6 Spelling Olympics

SATs revision

SATs revision

SATs revision

SATs revision

Helpful websites:

A fantastic and fun game to help develop mental maths skills.

A range of different games to help with times table practise.

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