Governing Body and drb Ignite Multi Academy Trust

We are part of drb Ignite Multi Academy Trust.  We are a sponsored academy and joined on 1st October 2015.

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Membership of Board and Trustees


The Chair of Trustees is Mr David Sheldon.  The Chair of the Executive Governance Group is Mr Nick Field.  This is the local governance group and governors Hob Green Primary School as well.

The Governing Body’s main role is to help lead the school, not to manage it.  Their role involves discussing long term plans, the future of the school, how the school budget should be best spent so that the school can achieve the best possible education for your children.

If you would like to know more about the role of the Governing Body then please talk to one of the Office Staff who will arrange for you to speak to one of the Governors.

David Sheldon – Chair of Trustees, Vice Chair of Finance Committee, Link Governor for Safeguarding and SEN

Nick Field – Executive Governance Group, Parent Governor, Member of Finance Committee, Link Governor for Health and Safety

Governors Attendance 2015_16

Governors Attendance Register 16-17

Governors Attendance Register 17_18

Governor’s Business Declaration of Interest 2015_16

Governors Business Interests Register 2016-17

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