Science at Bromley

Science at Bromley is fun, exciting and creative. The children love learning it and the staff love teaching it! Our lessons are centered around the skills we need to become good scientists, so that we can apply these to every day life. Lots of our lessons are practical and the lessons come from the children’s questions and ideas, so that that they are taking ownership of their learning. To ensure we always deliver the best science lessons, we follow Bromley’s Principles of Good Science. Please see below to see these in action!

Recent pupil voice feedback:

“I know my teacher loves science as much as me, because she smiles and joins in with us!”

“We don’t get told the answers, we have to find out for ourselves.”

“It’s always exciting and really fun, especially when it gets messy!”

“I know to be a good scientist I have to ask lots of questions and find different ways to test.”

Our Principles of Good Science lessons

We learn and use scientific vocabulary to explain what is happening.

We make links between other areas of the curriculum

We apply our learning to real life experiences.

We ask questions about why and how things are happening.

We are fascinated and have fun!

We explore and find ways to investigate.

We have practical experiences in lessons using different resources

Bromley’s Science Ambassadors

In year 5, there are 10 Science Ambassadors, who have a number of jobs. We had to apply for our job and have an interview to show off our science skills and knowledge. Our main job at the moment is to run a science club (at lunchtime) for year 2 children. We make sure that the activity is exciting, enjoyable and that they learn some new science language. So far, we have made slime, foaming fizz and completed the egg drop challenge. Throughout the year, we will also be helping with Science Week and a Science Fair.

“I enjoy being a science ambassador because it is fun to use my knowledge to help year 2 learn more.”  Harvey

“Being a science ambassador is great because we get to do lots of different activities. The slime was the best because it was very gooey and the younger children really loved it!”   Grace. R

“I like being a science ambassadors because I enjoy helping the younger children. I love science so it’s good to share that and see them enjoy it too!”  Finley

“I love being a science ambassadors because we have LOTS of fun, with different activities. It’s great working with the year 2 children.”  Charlie

British Science Week 2018

Bromley will be taking part in the British Science Week from Monday 12th March-Friday 16th March. During this week, children will take part in lots of activities about exploration and discovery.

You can find out more at home, by clicking the links below.




Home Learning 

Inventors Competition

All families are invited to take part in our Science Competition, which is to design and create a new invention. This can be anything you like, so be as creative as you like. When we have all the entries in, we will hold a Science Fair to show all your wonderful work. There are prizes up for grabs for the best entries.                                                              Hand in date: Friday 16th March 

If you are a budding scientist, why not try out some little investigations at home. Here are some great websites to get you started! Please take photos and come and tell Miss Maney all about anything you do!