School Council

Report from School councillors Lillie and Kimberley:

Mr Mike Wood, M.P., came to visit The Bromley Pensnett Primary School on Friday 9th March to discover new ways to improve the community. During his visit, he met our Head Girl and Head Boy (Abbie and Nathan) as well as School Council members (Lillie, Karleigh, Kimberley, Amber-Jade and Team Captains: Jacob, Caleb, Karleigh, Lewis, Shaf, Shelby and Olivia. 

When asked a number of questions he answered them clearly.  Mike was asked What is your favourite and least favourite part of your job?  He replied ” My favourite part is that I get to travel to different places and improve them.  However my least favourite part is that I have to catch a train at 6.30am each morning to go to London.”

In addition to this, he asked us how we thought the school could be improved and some of us had ideas about lockers for Year 6 and a gym in the playground.

We elected the new school council members at the end of the Summer term 2017.  They had to give a speech and then the polling station was open for children to cast their vote.

Head girl Abbie and Head Boy Nathan:  We are both extremely grateful and full of gratitude that we have the chance to be Head Boy and Head Girl. In order to prove that we are ambassadors of the school, we will help all children and promise to make their time here an enjoyable one.  

Mollie and Evan: We are excited to be School Council, as we have been waiting for this chance to make the school a better place. We have realised it’s an important job and we will try our hardest to make improvements. We welcome any ideas and will help you with any of your problems.   

Millie and Grace: As School Council, we want to stop bullying and help all of you with your problems. At dinnertime, we will work out any conflicts of yours and we will notify Mrs Brettle with all of your suggestions to help support our fundraising.

Karleigh, Kim, Amber and Lily: As School Council, we will help people with their problems and promise to be the best role models for the younger children as well as our own peers. We will definitely help the adults around school and show everybody how to behave by following our school values. We aim to make our school environment a safe and happy place!  As School Council, we promise to make the school a better and more fun, enjoyable place. We ensure that we will be amazing role models to younger children as well as our peers, as we will continue to follow all of our school values.  

In school council you have to be responsible for your class, you have to ask your class about school. These are some of the questions you can ask:

  • What do you like about school?
  • What would you like to learn about?
  • What concerns are concerning you?
  • What improvements would you like?

Our role as school council is to protect and take care of other pupils. We also gather information from meetings/ class council and report back.