Reading Scheme – Bug Club

Dear Parents/Carers,

As you are already aware we are members of Bug Club, a reading scheme by Pearson. Children each have their own unique username and password so that they can access books online which have been assigned to them by their class teacher. After speaking to many of you, we are aware that there have been some difficulties in accessing the website at home. In order to address this we have now changed the way children log on to Bug Club. The new log on will be via the following website:

The link to this website can be found on the school website under ‘Abacus’. Again children will have their own username and password (given to them by their class teacher) and will need to enter the school code which is ‘6jp7’ for all children.

Once children are logged on the books which have been given to them by their teacher will appear. All books are interactive and have questions for children to answer.

If you would like any further support with Bug Club please do not hesitate to contact us.

The link for the log on page can be found on the school website under Information and then Abacus/BugClub  or click on the picture so that you go to the log in page.

ActiveLearn website

ActiveLearn website

Children then need to enter their username and password in the space provided. The school code is 6jp7. The same school code is used for all children.

Once children have logged in they will come to the home screen. To access their books they need to click on ‘My stuff’ which will show all the books that have been allocated to them by their teacher.mystuff






Children then click on the book they want to read and begin reading. The picture of the bug indicates that there are questions for children to answer.


Teachers see the answers that children give, this helps us to keep track of their reading and ensure they are being give appropriately challenging books. Once children have completed a book it will move to ‘My library’ children can then read it again if they want to. The points they earn from answering questions will then give them rewards. These rewards can be found under ‘My rewards’.

For further support click to open this handy guide:

Bug Club User Guide