Parent Questionnaire

Many thanks to the 100 families who completed the questionnaire at Parents’ Evening October 2016.  It really helps us to see where you would like improvements to be made.

  Oct 2016 Oct 2015 Difference
1.       My child enjoys coming to school 96% 97% -1%
2.       The school keeps my child safe 98% 98% =
3.       The school keeps me informed about my child’s progress 96% 94% +2%
4.       My child is making enough progress at the school 99% 98% +1%
5.       The school helps me to support my child’s learning 98% 97% +1%
6.       The teaching is good at this school 99% 100% -1%
7.       My child receives appropriate homework for their age 92% 94% -2%
8.       The school deals effectively with unacceptable behaviour 96% 96% =
9.       The school deals effectively with bullying 95% 91% +4%
10.   The school takes account of my suggestions and concerns 98% 96% +2%
11.   The school is led and managed effectively 97% 96% +1%
12.   Would you recommend this school to another parent? 99% – Yes 95% – Yes +4%

Additional comments on the questionnaires:

·       Would like some pupils pushing more to achieve more
·       Staff are caring and understanding my child’s needs
·       Very pleased with the progress my child is making – I am very grateful for all the support
·       Sometimes the homework can be too hard
·       Sometimes we need longer to complete the homework
·       Some of the bad behaviour in other kids does not improve
·       I am very happy with the progress my child has made within the first term
·       Miss Coles is great – very supportive
·       I have a brilliant school now
·       More communication needed
·       I am very pleased with how my child has settled at school.  He is making good progress and is happy in school
·       More communication needed and chance for parents to air their views
·       I am happy with how my child has come on since Reception
·       Can you give out more homework please to help me support my kids at home?
·       Very good safeguarding
·       My child enjoys coming to school everyday
·       Should be allowed at least one week holiday minimum of their own time
·       My child loves coming to school
·       Don’t agree with disco being for 95% attendance
·       I have no concerns with the school or the teachers.  I am happy to bring my child to this school as he is happy enough to be here.  He’s learning new things and his confidence has really come along.
·       I don’t think it’s fair that children are being punished for being genuinely ill – e.g. 95% school disco

In response to the comments:

  • The Attendance Policy is reviewed annually and can be found on the policy section of the website.  Coming to school every day is a really important way to help support your child to achieve their full potential.  Government guidance is that 95% is the recommended attendance for primary pupils. As a school we reward those children who achieve this in many ways.
  • Homework club has now been set up for Year 5 and Year 6 pupils to help support children to have a place where they can be helped to complete homework.
  • A small group of parents are now asked to contribute their views before new initiatives are rolled out to the whole school.  Coming soon is a new online report that this parent group has trialled.

Thank you for all the positive comments; I am extremely lucky to work at a school where staff are so dedicated. They are a constant pleasure to work with and I feel very proud of them all.