Parent Questionnaire Results

Results of questionnaire from Parents’ Evening October 2014

Thank you to the many of you who came to Parents’ Evening and took the time to fill in a questionnaire (110 questionnaires were given back!). Your opinion is important and we are always keen to make improvements to the school.

Oct 2014Strongly agree/ Agree Oct 2013Strongly agree/Agree  Difference +/-
  1. My child enjoys coming to school
99% 97% +2%
  1. The school keeps my child safe
100% 100% =
  1. The school informs me about my child’s progress
97% 96% +1%
  1. My child is making enough progress at this school
99% 97% +2%
  1. The school helps me to support my child’s learning
100% 98% +2%
  1. The teaching is good at this school
99% 99% =
  1. My child receives appropriate homework for their age
97% n/a
  1. The school deals effectively with unacceptable behaviour
97% 91% +6%
  1. The school deals effectively with bullying
96% n/a
  1. The school takes account of my suggestions and concerns
99% 96% +3%
  1. The school is led and managed effectively
99% 96% +3%
  1. Would you recommend this school to another parent?
98% 98% =


Additional comments on the questionnaires:

  • Allow juice not just water in children’s water bottles.
  • Brilliant how much the school supports us and our child.
  • Thank you to all the staff for your support.
  • The staff are amazing and all deserve medals.
  • When children are praised up for their good behaviour I think this is excellent.
  • I would like to see an after school club available every day like there is a breakfast club. This would really help working parents.
  • One very well run school in my opinion.
  • Keep up the good work.
  • The grab bag quality has really changed recently.
  • Sometimes the homework might be a bit tough.
  • This school has really helped my son. It’s been the best school he’s been to.
  • Thank you to all the school staff.
  • I like the fact my child is with children who are at the same level working.
  • Homework to be marked by the teacher not just the children.
  • My child’s recognition of letters has really improved tremendously.

In response to your suggestions:

  • The homework policy is currently under review. Thank you for the feedback you have given us as this is an area we will look at improving further. Thank you to all of you who take the time to work with you child to help them complete their homework. Partnership working is so important. There will be a further questionnaire going out with a focus on homework so we can find out further your views on it.
  • As a Healthy School part of our commitment is that children have access to water throughout the day. Schools across Dudley share this commitment so that water is all that they drink in the classrooms. At lunchtime squash is allowed.
  • Please see the information about the Grab Bags inside the Newsletter from Wendy Greenaway.

Thank you for all the positive comments; I am extremely lucky to work at a school where staff are so dedicated. They are a constant pleasure to work with and I feel very proud of them all.